What happens if I don’t do any marketing?

“The order book is full so I don’t need to do any marketing”

I’ve heard this so many times during my years in marketing sales but unfortunately it’s such a short sighted approach. You have to think of marketing as growing a crop. You don’t sow the seeds on day one and eat the results the next day!

And then what happens once the current crop has been harvested and eaten if you’ve not continued to sow new seeds? You go hungry!

It’s the same in business if you don’t continually do a little bit of marketing to attract new work or new clients, your order book will slow down or come to a stop completely.

This might be contacting your current contacts to let them know about a new product line or service or posting on social media daily. It might be a sales email or sending them something printed. Whatever form it takes, just do something to keep your name and your company name in their minds eye.

If you’d like to talk about the different methods of marketing in more detail, then please get in touch.

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