The 7 P’s of the Marketing Mix

The 7 P’s of Marketing are the basis for all marketing work across the world.

How they can have a big affect on your business

Selling your products and services in today’s crowded marketplace (online or offline) is really hard to do. Where should you start, who is your ideal client and how much should you charge. Going cheap is generally a race to the bottom which only leads to failure.

Product – Quality, Image, Brand, Features, Availability

Process – Customer Focus, Business Led, IT support, Design Features, R&D

Price – Positioning, Discounts, Payment methods, Free or Value added incentives

People – Individuals on Marketing activities, Customer Contacts, Recruitment, Training, Culture

Place – Trade Channels, Sales Support, Segmented Channels

Promotion – Marketing Comms, Personal Promotion, Sales Promotion, PR, Branding and Direct Marketing

Physical Evidence – Sales Staff, Packaging, Printing, Branding

If you’d like to discuss how the 7 P’s are working for your business, please feel free to contact me as below.

Thanks for reading.

Andy Middleton – Graphite Media


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