Do you own the rights to your own logo?

The vast majority of businesses in the UK (and world) have a logo but who owns it?

Do you own it, does the graphic designer who created it for you or the web designer perhaps? If you’re not sure who owns it, then you need to find out and get control of it quickly otherwise when you next need it, it might end up costing you a lot of money to retrieve it or to have it redrawn.

So why would you NOT own it?

Perhaps when you started your business way back when, you mentioned to the designer that you didn’t have a logo and they said they’d do one for you as ‘part of the deal’. That’s great but at this point, what you probably didn’t do was get a copy of the base artwork file (Ai file), a Jpeg and a PDF. And how could you have known what to ask for? Well, you didn’t but you do now. It probably just appeared on your website as agreed with the designer.

Having these logo file types gives you complete ownership of your own brand logo. Brand is so much more than just a logo but when we first start up, it’s what we want and need to get a website or some printed matter moving.

As a print and web expert, I speak to people everyday who want to purchase a brochure or a website and have to delve deep into the archives just to try to retrieve their own logo when it’s should be just in an easily accessible file on your desktop.

Make a folder and put all 3 files (mentioned above) into it. You won’t be able to open the Ai file unless you have the correct software but the next designer you use will thank you for it as you’ve just made their life so much easier and therefore your job cheaper! Place the folder somewhere you won’t forget.

If you’ve looked and you haven’t got it, contact the person (today) who did it for you and ask them to send you the base artwork file, the Jpeg and PDF. They may charge you for the privilege of finding it and sending it, it depends how well you know them but definitely get your hands on it and file it away as noted above.

If you can’t remember who did it, speak to someone like me and have it redrawn (at a cost) and ask for the 3 file types.It’s money well spent.

I promise you’ll thank me in the long run.

Andy Middleton – Graphite Media


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