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As we enter a post-Brexit future. We have put together some resources to help British companies trade with the World.

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Getting paid for your international sales should not be a worry. We show you how to move money and get paid at competitive rates under the protection of the Financial Conduct Authority.

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In our survey: These are the three categories that British Businesses feared learning in a post-Brexit Britain. We are adding as much help as we can to these sections, to make British companies as successful as possible post 2021.
Foreign Exchange
Marketing Internationally
Trading Abroad
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Bridger Consultancy
T: 07850 252635

Sam worked in manufacturing for many years, exporting goods such as wallpaper, conservatory roofing, toys and industrial textiles. She specialises in DACH markets. Having exported to many markets globally, she understands the complexities and the benefits exporting can bring to a business. She says that although Brexit has brought challenges, it has also opened up opportunities.

On her return to the UK, Sam set up the Bridger Consultancy to help businesses grow and develop in international trade. 

She is a graduate member of the Institute of Export, with a Diploma in Export Management, an Advanced Certificate in Overseas Trade, and an MBA from Lancaster University Management School. 

Samantha Bridger

International trade

Andy has been in the Print and Marketing sector for over 30 years. Through his business Graphite Media, he brings a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of business branding including design, application, tone of voice and promotion.

He says it is vital to understand that a brand is far more than just a logo. The values and behaviors behind any brand will inform the way the logo is consumed wherever it’s seen. Understanding this at the beginning of a business’s life cycle sets the right tone that will carry forward for years.

His passion now is, ‘Using my knowledge and skills to help lower-budget SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] compete on a level playground with the big boys in their industry.’

Andy Middleton


Having started her career as an apprentice in the foreign exchange industry at the Frank eXchange international payment services company, Georgia developd a deep knowledge and understanding of the markets, products and services within the industry.
Working as a Business Development Executive for Frank eXchange, she is passionate about sharing her understanding of the markets with companies and individuals that trade internationally, providing them with the skills to understand the market, their rates and the spread. This gives them the ability to trade with confidence and to secure the best possible rates.
Georgia is currently working towards a Chartered Management Institute qualification in management and leadership to complement her business admin qualifications.

Georgia Todd

Foreign Exchange and Cross-Border Payments

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